3 Reasons Your 切片化驗 Is Broken (And How to Fix It)

Women love bondage and kinky sex because it allows them to "let go" and fully surrender to their man.


It also makes them feel naughty. And women love to get naughty in the bedroom. It's just a shame that most men don't have what it takes to bring out their woman's really naughty side.

Another reason why bondage and restraining is so powerful for women is because society has conditioned many people to think that if a woman really wants sex - then it makes her a slut. This viewpoint is of course nonsense, but it is in many people's minds none the less.

The power of bondage is that it gives the woman the feeling that she couldn't stop it even if she wanted to. In other words - it allows her to let the man take all the 'blame' for the sex. She was just the weak, innocent women, being led astray and made to do naughty things by a big, strong, sexually confident man.

Now if you have never used bondage or any type of restraining with your woman before, you must proceed with caution. Do not push your woman outside of her comfort zone because if you do - you'll end up stopping her wanting sex, instead of turning her on more than ever before.

If you want to turn her on more than ever before and get her totally hot, wet and excited to have sex with you - bondage is a great way to do it, if you do it right.

Start out slowly.

Get a pair of handcuffs from an "adult toy store".

Then, when you are on your bed with your woman and she is getting turned on - take out the handcuffs and join one of her hands to one of your hands.

This will restrain her and make her feel like you are in charge. (Note: every woman wants their man to BE IN CHARGE in the bedroom).

However, by joining her hand to one of yours, instead of the bed (or another piece of furniture) you stand less chance of freaking her out and making her feel uncomfortable.

If your woman responds well to this, you can progressively make the bondage a little more severe each time you use it with your woman in the bedroom.

For example, you could tie her hands together, or tie her hands to the bed (most women love this if you build up to it over time and she really TRUSTS YOU).

Of course, you don't just have to use handcuffs.

If your woman ends up really enjoying being restrained, you can use everything from your own hands to a silk tie to restrain her.

Just remember not to rush her into anything to risky too soon and always be safe.

One final point to remember is that by restraining your woman - you are aiming to increase the sexual pleasure for her. So make sure you still give her lots of orgasms.

Every time you take your woman to the bedroom - clitoral, vaginal and multiple orgasms must be a reality for her (otherwise she won't be fully satisfied).

This is the hottest sexual move out there, hands down. No sex toy on planet earth can produce the kind of pleasure that you can by simply using your strengthened vaginal muscles to make him explode. Once you do this to your man one time, he'll be begging you to do it each and every night.

Milking The Penis

Milking the penis is a skill that, when done correctly, will satisfy your man every time. And if you know how to do it correctly, he'll never be satisfied by any other woman. The pleasure is that heavenly. You can milk him when you are having regular intercourse, or 乳癌擴散特徵 he can enter you and stop. You then proceed to use your muscles to milk him until he loses his mind. It really is possible, and it will only take about a week to get vaginal muscles strong enough to truly be effective.

→ Strengthening your vaginal muscles is not difficult, but you must have a solid set of instructions. Stimulating your vaginal muscles requires that you target the right muscles and do not flex other parts of your body, such as your butt. When done correctly, however, you will get stronger in about a week. And when done regularly, you will get extremely strong vaginal muscles in about a month. This is ideal for truly making your man lose his mind with your ability to milk him.

There isn't a sex toy on earth that can bring as much pleasure as your own love muscles. Not to mention, when you tighten your vagina, you are also strengthening the rest of the muscles in your pelvic floor. These are the muscles that are responsible for supporting your uterus and urethra. Doing so will ensure that you don't suffer from other pelvic floor related diseases.